678 Sydney

678 Sydney Korean BBQ may look like a generic franchise, but trust us, it is far from it. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at their in-house butchery, while a concise selection of meats, is of the highest quality, with most cuts of beef at a marbling score of 8 plus and sourced from internally renowned Wagyu farms. Their banchan is all handmade and packed full of flavour, no imported fish cake or packaged goods here.

With high end extractor fans, your clothes won’t be left stinking of smoke, but you’ll still get the full Korean experience. Although 678 Sydney’s interior is pretty plain, you know that means the effort has gone solely into the food quality. Believe us yet? Then go try out Sydney’s best Korean BBQ!

678 Sydney meat quality marbelling
image © 678 Sydney

Authentic Korean flavours to tickle your taste buds!

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