Plus 82 GoGi

One of the trendiest Korean restaurants around, this bustling place is located on a little Adelaide backstreet is not only aesthetically tantalising, but they have the food to match. With classic Korean BBQ centered around sharing, set yourself up at a table at Plus 82 Gogi and get ready to BBQ.

Gogi is birthed from the successful South Australian Plus 82 crew, this Korean BBQ sits alongside its siblings Pocha (Korean street food) and CnB (Korean burgers, fried chicken, and corn dogs). You can be sure these guys know what they’re doing. It’s authentic Korean food, with a modern twist. Don’t forget to get a coveted TikTok video in front of the popular “Nice to meat you” neon sign!

image © Plus 82 GoGi
Restaurant setting
image © Plus 82 GoGi
Gogi feast
image © Plus 82 GoGi

Authentic Korean flavours to tickle your taste buds!

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