If you’re looking for real authentic Korean dishes in Perth, K-Town is the place to visit. With a rich history of secret recipes carried down for three generations, you’ll even taste the nationally renowned best Kimchi, relished throughout famous Sydney markets before the restaurant even began. You can expect to try K-town’s traditional Korean dumplings, handmade noodles in delicious broths, and of course the ever popular Korean BBQ. Send your compliments to “Sunny”, the head chef, known for her bubbly personality and of course outstanding authentic dishes passed down from generations. Can’t get much more genuine without being in Korea itself! All praise K-Town, Perth’s number 1 Korean BBQ.

K-town meat in lettuce cup with condiments
image © K-Town Restaurant
K-Town restaurant view from outside
image © K-Town Restaurant

Authentic Korean flavours to tickle your taste buds!

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